PIC9080 (S1 1218 .12 team)

PIC9080 (S1 1218 .12 team)

PIC9080 (S1 1218 .12 team)

Product Code: PIC9080

The S1-1218 is conceived to take our .12 engines performances to the next level. The new redesigned 12mm crankshaft with silicone insert optimizes the flow of fresh charge, improving the overall performances of the power unit without compromising on fuel consumption. The 3-port cylinder and the composite carburetor complete the engine, easy to distinguish thanks to the updated color scheme of the cooling head.

This unit features a new color scheme on its LCG - Low Center of Gravity cooling head, conceived to drastically improve the handling of the touring car it is mounted on. The aforementioned newly shaped crankshaft is connected to the piston by  a super aligned “knife edged” rod and rotates on Swiss-Made ball bearings for optimized performances. The piston is CNC-Machined from a high silicone percentage alloy, while the brass cylinder is hand-finished and sports a tear-drop work on its ports.

• 3 ports hard chromed liner with drop work on the ports

• Piston CNC machined from billet

• 12mm turbo cranckshaft with silicone insert

• Knife edged lightweight aerodynamic con-rod

• Separate turbo combustion chamber insert

• 12mm Swiss quality main bearing

• New LCG (Low Center of Gravity) cooling head

• 5.4mm venturi slide valve carburetor

• Displacement: 2,11cc

• Bore: 13,70mm

• Stroke: 14,20mm

• Output: 1,80hp @ 42,000rpm

• Weight: 215